Cable Drag Chain Manufacturers in Chennai

Cable Drag Chain Manufacturers in Chennai
Cable Drag Chain Manufacturers in Chennai

We are a well-settled company in Chennai in the field of Cable Drag Chain Manufacturers. For any questions Contact at Prashim Enterprises.

Cable Drag Chain Manufacturers in Chennai

Cable carriers, also known as drag chains, energy chains, or cable chains depending on the manufacturer, are guides designed to surround and guide flexible electrical cables and hydraulic or pneumatic hoses connected to moving automated machinery.

Cable drag chains—also referred to as cable chains, cable carriers, cable track, and energy chains—are flexible hollow structures used to guide, support, and protect cables, hoses, and hydraulic lines when in motion.

Types of Cable Drag Chain

  • Plastic Cable Drag Chain
  • Steel Cable Drag Chain

Plastic Cable Drag Chain

Plastic Cable Drag chains are more difficult to install since they are heavier, but they are durable and can last several years, so they are usually preferred over cables. Conversely, Plastic Cable Drag Chain are less bulky and quicker to set up, and if one of the cables breaks, they’re less likely to cause any damage.

Plastic Cable Drag Chain conveyors work on the principle of a chain-and-flight combination pulling a volume of material along. The chain is equipped with different flights/paddles and drags the material from various charging points to a number of discharging points.

Steel Cable Drag Chain

The principle operation of a Steel Cable Drag Chain conveyor is based on material movement using a skeletal Steel Cable Drag Chain and flight assembly that is drawn along the bottom section of an enclosed housing. … Slower Steel Cable Drag Chain speed means less wear, and less horsepower equals lower energy requirements and operating costs.

The function of a Screw Conveyor is to push material as the screw rotates in a fixed trough, pipe or housing. Using rotating helical screw blades (also referred to as flights or augers), screw conveyors appear in almost every industry and transport all types of materials.

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